Wicked Clever is an independent publishing company for the quirky games and fantastic fiction that slips free from the mind of Robert Turk. We believe that games should be fun, inclusive, well-made, and out of the ordinary. Try something different and play an indie game today!

Illustration: A sweeping hob being pestered by a racoon pooka while a bird flies overhead.

Conventions we will be attending in 2024:

  • Lexington Comic & Toy Convention March 7-10th at the Central Bank Center in Lexington, KY
  • Origins Game Fair June 19 – 23rd at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH
  • Acadecon Nov (TBA) at the Dayton Covention Center in Dayton, OH

Physical RPG books, signed & shipped!

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Image: Cover of the Goblonia RPG rules book. Illustration depicts a ramshackle citys, with buildings stacked one atop the other, under a yellow sky.

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Image: Cover of the WyrdScouts rules book. Illustration depicts several young scouts with various cloak colors walking in a line through a colorful, yet somewhat creepy forest. Glowing eyes peer out from the trees and bushes.

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Fiction & Poetry

Image: Cover of the novel Persnickety Jones and the Pirates of Undertoe. Illustration is a paper cut collage featuring a girl in a white dress with candles on her head lost in maze of sewer-like tunnels.

An all ages adventure story!

Image: Cover of the short story anthology, "The Completely Inappropriate Tales of Gandersnitch the Goblin." Illustration is stylized text over a brown textured background.

Twisted fairy-tales for adults!

Image: Cover of the short story anthology, "How Gandersnitch the Goblin ALMOST saved Christmas." Illustration is white, styltized text over a green background, with drifts of white snow along the bottom edge.

Twisted winter tales for adults!

Image: the cover of the poetry collection, "Goblin Songs: a poetical journey through ten years of myth and parenting." Illustration is ambstact splotches and swirls of bright colors and stains over a white background.

All ages poetry!

Digital PDFs of all our games!