Book cover - Vale of the Failed and the Fallen. Illustration of a campfire with seven human-like shadows standing around it in a circle.

Vale of the Failed and the Fallen

“You were the Chosen Ones…

Twenty years ago, the fate of the magical realm of Eidylorn rested on your shoulders. But it wasn’t even your world. You were outsiders. A group of would-be friends armed with spirit-bonded artifacts and told to face down the ultimate evil. It was wonderful. It was magical. You were certain to save the day! But cryptic advisors, overwhelming pressure, and youthful idealism can only get you so far.

You failed and your friend died. But you were just kids. What did they expect?

Now, as adults, you are called again. You get a second chance to right the wrongs you couldn’t before. To be the heroes your childhood selves needed you to be. That the whole realm needed you to be. But you’re not the same as you were then. Now you know the price…

Are you still willing to pay it?”

A new PtBA game about regret and redemption set in a childhood fantasy realm gone to ruin!

    • Group character and realm creation (you can even make your own map!)
    • Play as the Blade, Heart, Mask, Quill, Shadow, Tower, or Watcher
    • Explore the past in “Around the Campfire” phases
    • Secure the future of the realm in player-chosen milestones
    • Forge alliances with the strange denizens of the realm and build a new stronghold
    • Face down the Vassal of Darkness in the final battle

~Coming to Kickstarter – Fall of 2024~

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Icons of the seven callings. A flaming sword for Blade, a glowing gemstone clasped by two hands for Heart, a black domino mask for Mask, a shield with a chess rook on it for Tower, a shadowy cloak for Sahdow, a lantern shining with an eye in the center for Watcher, and a magical sparkling book for Quill.

The Playbooks

  • Blade: You slay the horrible things and clear the way for your companions.
  • Heart: You comfort your companions so they can face the darkness and prevail.
  • Mask: You convince others to aid your cause and charm your way out of trouble.
  • Quill: You conjure answers to the puzzles that stand in your way.
  • Shadow: You tread a dark path and keep the others from getting their hands dirty.
  • Tower: You channel the strength of the natural realm to defend your companions.
  • Watcher: You find the way forward while watching your companions’ backs.

Download the playtest playbooks here!