!!!We design and produce fun, offbeat, and awesome games! Available at the many conventions and events we attend, from our webstore, in your local game store, or on DriveThruRPG.com!

Available Now:

  • Goblonia – a game of madcap schemes and reckless rebellion
  • Purgatory House – A Pick-Up & Play Role-Playing Game of Haunted House Horror!
  • Starship Infernum – Pick-Up & Play Sci-fi, Survival Horror RPG
  • WyrdScouts – A family-friendly, storytelling adventure game!
  • Are You Mental? – A crazy casual RPG about lunatics with superpowers!


In Development:

  • Our Woodland Gods – a disturbingly deep game of cuddly cultists
  • Vale of the Failed and the Fallen – the former chosen-ones return to the fantasy realm they failed to save as children
  • DarkScouts – enter the dark heart of the forest, if you dare
  • Battle of the Bands – 90’s Garage Band Teenagers saving the world!

Out of Print:

  • Hogswallow – A card game of mythic storytelling!