Title: Goblonia

Goblonia is a game about goblins, those background characters from myth and faerie tale that nobody really gives a damn about. They’re the cannon fodder, the flunkies, the easy kills, the dutiful proles…

But not you! You are different! You are a member of the goblin resistance! And it’s your duty to face off against the oppressive Faetriarchy!

Goblins live in the city of Goblonia (duh!) which was recently seized by the evil Queen of Everything”, Titania! You aren’t big enough, or bad enough, to kick her out and save the day, but you can cause enough chaos and mischief to totally ruin her morning.

Goblonia isn’t a game about winning; it’s about failing with style! You gotta play the cards you are dealt and do your best to ramp up the absurdity, run with the chaos, and slip out of your problems by the skin of your teeth!

So grab your galoshes, round up your ruffians, and choke down that last bit of cheese! It’s time for madcap schemes and reckless rebellion! Time to stick it to Titania… and try not to get squashed in the process!

Viva Goblonia!

Arriving this Autumn – 2022